Present Development Projects

Lobo Development Corporation recognizes it unique position with UNM and the surrounding community. UNM’s properties are located in important areas bounded by many of Albuquerque’s most active and historic neighborhoods. Lobo Development seeks to facilitate an active communication process between UNM, the neighborhoods, the communities, and all stakeholders which will be affected by any future development occurring on UNM’s properties.

Case Study

During 2010, Lobo Development Corporation was in the process of developing new student housing on UNM’s Central Campus. Over that time period, LDC facilitated over 150 meetings between stakeholders discussing important issues regarding the development with neighborhood associations, communities, stakeholders, designers, student organizations, and faculty groups. The initial workshops were entitled SHOW (Student housing Outreach Workshops) and they were created to raise awareness for the development of New Student Housing on Central Campus. The workshops helped LDC gain further insight into all of the issues facing new campus development. From these workshop, LDC focused in on these issues by creating a research team to study these areas. This process took several months where the team addressed the issues and offered recommendations to alleviate concerns. Many of the issues involved bringing together many departments within the University to develop a solution to the issue. Through these processes LDC facilitated a new era of community involvement in the planning and development of UNM properties. This process will be the future model for all LDC activities and will give every interested party a voice in all future LDC Developments.

Links to SHOW workshops presentations and meeting minutes


Board of Regents approves South Campus Master Development Agreement 12-11-12

Final ULI Reports on the Lomas Corridor



Meeting of the Board of Directors June 6, 2014 1:30pm 851 University Blvd SE Suite 201 Science and Tech Park Conf. Room 

Board Meeting Agenda 6/6/2014