American Campus Communities

Lobo Development Corporation and American Campus Communities(ACC) entered into a partnership in 2008 to develop new student housing for the University of New Mexico. Lobo Development facilitated a ground lease with ACC for the development of Lobo Village, an apartment style dormitory complex located on UNM’s south campus. During the tough economic situation in New Mexico, ACC provided a way for UNM to fulfill the much needed demand for new campus housing. Following the completion of Lobo Village, ACC and LDC formed another agreement for a ground lease on UNM’s Central Campus to develop more student housing. The Central Campus housing, Casas del Rio, will be a more typical dormitory style product and provide an additional 1000 beds for the 2012-2013 school year. With the successful completion of these two projects, ACC and LDC will partner for an additional 1000 beds and new dining hall by the year 2015.

For more information: UNM Strategic Housing Plan 12-1-2010 (PDF)

Lobo Village

Lobo Village is the first student housing project since the early 1990’s on UNM property. The project was entirely funded by ACC, providing 864 beds in an apartment style complex for students on UNM’s South Campus. ACC provided the necessary capital UNM needed to fulfill its mission of expanding the supply of student housing to create a more viable University. The addition of Lobo Village increased UNM’s housing supply to just over 3,000 beds, and it was 100% leased by students the first years and will likely reach that mark in year 2.

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Casas Del Rio

The second student housing project currently under construction is Casas Del Rio. Casas Del Rio is a two part projected with part one scheduled for completion in Fall 2012. There will be a total of 1,030 beds in Casas del Rio and it will increase the number of beds on Central Campus to 3,300 for a total of over 4,000 total on UNM’s properties. The second part is scheduled for completion by 2015 and it will increase UNM’s student housing supply total from 4,000 to around 5,000 beds.

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Board of Regents approves South Campus Master Development Agreement 12-11-12

Final ULI Reports on the Lomas Corridor



Meeting of the Board of Directors June 6, 2014 1:30pm 851 University Blvd SE Suite 201 Science and Tech Park Conf. Room 

Board Meeting Agenda 6/6/2014