Fairmount Properties

Fairmount Properties LLC, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a multi-disciplined real estate enterprise that specializes in the development, ownership and management of high-quality, retail led mixed-use specialty centers and districts incorporating new residential, office, hospitality and entertainment uses throughout North America. The majority of these projects are located within college and university based communities as well as top-tier and inner-ring suburbs. Fairmount Properties typically works within the context of public/private partnerships, collaborating with municipalities, colleges and universities to create these unique, multi-faceted developments, a niche it has served successfully since its inception in 1998.



Board of Regents approves South Campus Master Development Agreement 12-11-12

Final ULI Reports on the Lomas Corridor



Meeting of the Board of Directors June 6, 2014 1:30pm 851 University Blvd SE Suite 201 Science and Tech Park Conf. Room 

Board Meeting Agenda 6/6/2014