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Lobo Development and Sandia Foundation entered into a joint endeavor, via the ULI Advisory Service Program, to facilitate an open inquiry about the Lomas Corridor. This effort formulated community and business-based opportunities for growth potential within the Lomas Corridor (properties north and south of Lomas Blvd., east of 1-25 to Yale Blvd., located in Albuquerque, NM).   The 11 panelists from the ULI Advisory Services Program held a symposium on 11/11/11 on their findings and recommendations for the Lomas Corridor.

The Lomas Corridor is an area located near UNM, owned by UNM and the Sandia Foundation.  The corridor is littered with abandoned car dealerships and huge surface parking lots along a very heavily traveled road in Albuquerque.  The land is currently under served in its current use and Lobo Development and Sand Foundation partnered together to bring in the ULI Advisory Services Panel to provide an expert view on what the Lomas Corridor should become.  

The study area has a multitude of constraints from current property leases, environmental concerns, a cemetery, many vested stakeholders, and many other issues.  The ULI panel provided a very thorough and insightful set of solutions to begin development on the Lomas Corridor.   

For more information:

  • Lomas Corridor ULI Advisory Services Presentation 11/11/11          
  • coming together | Project Abstract (PDF)          
  • Lomas Corridor Briefing Book           
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Board of Regents approves South Campus Master Development Agreement 12-11-12

Final ULI Reports on the Lomas Corridor



Meeting of the Board of Directors June 6, 2014 1:30pm 851 University Blvd SE Suite 201 Science and Tech Park Conf. Room 

Board Meeting Agenda 6/6/2014