Since its inception, Lobo Development Corporation has committed many of its resources to research for its developments.  The research has intended to reveal the highest and best uses for the University of New Mexico’s real property assets.  It is focused on providing the greatest benefit to the University of New Mexico and its’ students.  

The development of UNM’s properties affects many entities throughout the urban environment including:

  • Surrounding Neighborhoods  
  • The Students Faculty and Staff
  • UNM Health Sciences Center
  • Local Business
  • Traffic
  • The Environment
  • The City of Albuquerque

Lobo Development Corporation utilizes its’ resources to ensure the various entities are incorporated into the development process.  There are many aspects of a development project which have long term effects on the surrounding context both positive and negative.  Lobo Development Corporation’s research investigates all the aspects to amplify the positive aspects and minimize the negatives.

Student Life

The research team has spent a considerable amount of time looking for ways to improve student life.  The efforts revealed a positive correlation between living on campus and graduation rates, and inspired the development of over 2000 near campus dormitory beds.  With the doubling of on-campus residents, LDC has recognized the need for more campus amenities, and has researched many aspects of improving amenities.  The research has produced many documents and presentations on improving campus life. 

See the documents below for more information on improving campus life:

  • Document A
  • Document A
  • Document A
  • Document A


Lastly, with any development comes the issue of new traffic and parking issues. LDC researched parking and produced a substantial list of recommendations for the UNM Parking and Transportation Services department and the University as a whole.  With the research and increased pressure to reduce the use of single-occupancy vehicles on University properties, LDC has helped develop significant changes to the transportation landscape at UNM.  The recommendations from LDC which have been adopted by UNM are a substantial increase in permit prices, Redondo Road is now a Bicycle Boulevard, and the Associated Students of New Mexico (ASUNM) has begun fund-raising for a bicycle share program for students, faculty, and staff on all three campuses.

  • Parking Presentation
  • LoboCycle


Board of Regents approves South Campus Master Development Agreement 12-11-12

Final ULI Reports on the Lomas Corridor



Meeting of the Board of Directors June 6, 2014 1:30pm 851 University Blvd SE Suite 201 Science and Tech Park Conf. Room 

Board Meeting Agenda 6/6/2014